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A simple static blog template built with Next.js and MDX.

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What is MDX?

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MDX is a file format that combines Markdown with JSX, allowing developers to seamlessly embed React components within Markdown documents, enabling dynamic and interactive content creation. It facilitates the creation of rich, interactive documentation and blog posts in web development projects. MDX blends Markdown's straightforward syntax with the capability to embed dynamic JSX elements. Perfect for interactive, rich-content blogs.

More About MDXBlog

Unlike traditional blogging solutions that rely on a database to store content, content management in MDXBlog is handled by easily editable Markdown (mdx) files in a folder on your local machine! It's a good solution for those who appreciate the ease of Markdown and the power of React components.

MDXBlog is a free, open-source project that is easy to install and deploy. It generates static pages that are fast, secure, and SEO-friendly. The app is designed to be easy to use and customize, with a clean, modern design that is fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

MDXBlog is an independently created app built with the latest web technologies, offering a unique blogging experience. MDXBlog offers a simple, yet powerful template for creating static blogs using MDX (Markdown + JSX) and Next.js 14. We have no official affiliation with the MDX team or Next.js, we are simply fans of the technology and wanted to create a simple, free, easy-to-use blog template for the community.

Get MDXBlog: Download the github repo. Instructions for installation and deployment are included in the README .