About MDX Blog

MDX Blog (mdxblog.io) is a platform built with the latest web technologies, offering a unique blogging experience. MDX Blog is a simple template for creating blogs using MDX (Markdown + JSX) and Next.js 14. Unlike traditional blogging solutions that rely on a database to store content, content management in MDXBlog is handled by easily editable Markdown (mdx) files in a folder on your local machine! It's a good solution for those who appreciate the ease of Markdown and the power of React components.

Our project is fully accessible on GitHub.

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Getting Started


  • • Clone the repo
  • • Run 'npm install'
  • • Run 'npm run dev'
  • • Open 'http://localhost:3000' in your browser
  • • Create a remote repo on GitHub
  • • Push your local repo to GitHub
  • • Deploy on Vercel

A note on credentials: We use captcha and database services for the contact form. We are using Google reCAPTCHA v3 for spam protection on the contact form. You can get your own keys here. Supabase for saving contact form submissions. You can get your own keys here. Add credintials to .env.local file for dev mode and or your vercel deployment in production. Alternatively, to simplify things, feel free to disable contact, or remove the contact page altogether by removing the contact route (app/contact) from the app directory. Note that you will need to remove links from the nav components as well.

Create a post:

  • • Use the '+' icon in the nav bar, in development mode only, to create a new post - or simply create a new MDX file in the 'data/posts' directory, manually.
  • • Edit posts in the browser or manually using VS Code (recommended), or any other text editor.

Key Features of MDX Blog:

  • • Next.js 14 & App Router: Utilizing the cutting-edge features of Next.js 14, MDX Blog offers a seamless and efficient user experience, underpinned by the powerful app router for smooth navigation.

  • • Deployed on Vercel: Experience the reliability and speed of Vercel, ensuring that our static blog site is always available and performs exceptionally.

  • • SEO Optimized: With automatic sitemap generation at build time through 'next sitemap', our platform is finely tuned for search engine optimization, enhancing the visibility and reach of your content.

  • • Dynamic Publishing: Our platform smartly handles future-dated posts, ensuring they are published only on or after their set date, thanks to a meticulous filtering system.

  • • Development Mode Features: In development mode, users can swiftly create new posts using the '+' icon, streamlining the content creation process.

  • • Flexible Content Editing: Edit your MDX (Markdown + JSX) posts with ease, either directly in the browser or using VS Code, providing a flexible and user-friendly environment for content creators.

Custom MDX Components:

  • <YouTube />: Seamlessly embed YouTube videos within your content.
  • <Image />: Integrate images elegantly, enhancing the visual appeal of your posts.
  • code: Include and showcase code snippets with clarity and style.

Dynamic Page Rendering

Our dynamic page rendering system is the backbone of MDX Blog, carefully extracting and presenting content. It leverages the next-mdx-remote/rsc for rendering MDX content, along with custom components like YouTube, Image, and Code, bringing a rich and interactive blogging experience.

Development Insights:

  • • Utilizing gray-matter for front matter parsing, we extract crucial metadata for SEO and rendering purposes.
  • • Our generateStaticParams function ensures that only relevant posts are displayed, based on their publication date.
  • • In development mode, additional tools like EditPostButton and OpenInVSCode are available, enhancing the ease of content management and editing.

MDX Blog represents a blend of technological innovation and user-centric design, providing a platform that's not only a pleasure to use but also powerful in its capabilities. Whether you're a developer, a content creator, or someone passionate about blogging, MDX Blog offers you the tools to share your stories and ideas with the world effortlessly.