How to Use MDXBlog

By: O Wolfson

MDXBlog is a blogging platform, tailored for those who like the simplicity of Markdown along with the robustness of React components. This guide will walk you through using MDXBlog, which is designed to work seamlessly with VSCode and requires local installation.

Getting Started


Before diving into creating content, ensure that MDXBlog is installed on your local machine. For detailed installation instructions, refer to this comprehensive installation guide.

Running the App in Development Mode

After installation, run the app in development mode.

npm run dev

This enables features like the '+' icon for adding new posts.

Adding Posts

  1. Using the '+' Icon:
    • In the nav bar, tap the '+' icon. This is a straightforward way to start drafting a new post directly within the app.
  2. Manually Adding MDX Files:
    • Alternatively, you can add posts by creating MDX files in the data/posts directory of your project.

Creating Content with Markdown and MDX

MDXBlog allows you to write using standard Markdown and enrich your posts with React components. Here's how you can use some of the custom components available:

1. Embedding YouTube Videos

To embed a YouTube video, use the YouTube component:

<YouTube videoId="your_video_id" />

Replace your_video_id with the actual ID of the YouTube video you want to embed.

2. Adding Images

The custom Image component, based on Next.js Image, lets you add images efficiently:

  alt="Descriptive text"
  caption="Image caption"

Customize imgSrc, alt, and caption as needed.

3. Showcasing Code Snippets

For displaying code, use the Code component:

use single backticks for inline code and triple backticks for blocks of code. Style these with the appropriate language for correct highlighting.

triple backticks for blocks of code
triple backticks for blocks of code

will render as:

const greeting = "Hello World!";

This component will render your code with syntax highlighting and a proper layout.

Editing Posts

  • Local Editing: You can edit your posts locally using a text editor. For the best experience, it's recommended to use VSCode.
  • In-Browser Editing: MDXBlog also supports editing directly in the browser for quick changes and previews.

Configuring Your Blog

  • Accessing Settings: Customize your blog's settings and configurations by tapping the gear icon in the nav bar, which takes you to the settings page.


MDXBlog bridges the gap between simplicity and functionality, offering a flexible platform for bloggers and developers. Whether you're writing tech articles, personal stories, or embedding multimedia content, MDXBlog adapts to your needs, making content creation a smooth and enjoyable process. Remember, the heart of MDXBlog is its integration with modern web technologies and React components, unlocking endless possibilities for your blogging journey.